Don’t get (freezer) burned

With LIFESTYLE FOODS® entrées, let the freezer do it what does best - make ice. Each exciting selection o ers
fresh - not frozen - avorful meals, providing heat-and-eat convenience without the downside of bland, frozen options.

Best of all like all of our offerings, our entrées deliver LIFESTYLE FOODS’ signature promise of Health-venience®.

There’s never been a word to describe food that was both convenient and healthy, so we had to make one up…


It’s the only way to describe our entire range of healthy grab-and-go options.
Each ready-to-eat item adheres to our simple, healthy promise.

About Our Entrées

Like all LIFESTYLE FOODS® offerings, our entrées never prioritize convenience over health. As a result, these convenient options support healthy eating habits without compromising flavor or portion, providing filling, guilt-free meal choices between 250 and 400 calories.

400 or Less

All of entrées all provide a portioned but filling, High in Protein meal between 250 and 400 calories.


No utensil? No problem. Each entrée is fully ready for convenient eating, packed with a compact fork. Heat then eat - no hassle required.

Vegetarian Friendly

Our entrées include several vegetarian-friendly options, including the vegan-friendly Asian Edamame Noodle entrée.

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